Sunday, October 2, 2016

About Today

About TodayWhat an unusual day. I had collected funds to purchase a case of paper towels for the office building I lease. Nothing unique about that except my Costco card expired last night and they would not let me purchase until I renewed the card. Not wanting to spend $50.00 today I declined. I asked a friend to pick up the box of paper towels because he was going and has an active membership card.

I sent a photo of the product and that should have been all that was needed. It's only paper towels!

He asked the front desk what location to look and they sent him in the back. Of course, he can't find it. He asked an employee, who said they worked there 15 years and have never heard of this producer. Again PAPER TOWELS. On the phone, I mention that must be the dumbest person he could have found in the whole place because they were on the shelf one day ago. 

He finds another employee and gets the same answer. We don't have any tri-fold paper towels. I get another phone call and just break out in laughter. Using this standard I must have a genius IQ because I remembered enough to point him in the right direction to find the box of 4000 towels. I said if you see the Kirkland display of roll towels, turn around to your left and walk down that lane. Pass 3 products and about the 4th to 5th will be the giant boxes of paper towels.

I could find direct a person to find a product 3 people in the store had never seen. Again I must be a genius because if not I don't want to say what they must be!

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